Overview Convert from PDF to DXF File Format

Overview Convert from PDF to DXF File Format

-As you know, PDF is the standard file format used in document exchange, given its wide compatibility.

-The PDF file contains valuable information required for your CAD work.

-In order to extract the information and make edits to the drawing, you’ll need to convert the PDF file into a CAD-compatible format like DXF.

-Choose the PDF to DXF tool from Express tab > Drawing panel.

-In the dialog box, click the ADD green arrow button.

-Select the PDF file you want to convert.

-You can click the Config button, where you can set the most accurate data extraction options to get a high-quality DXF file.

-Then you can assign the path where to save the converted file format.

-Finally, press Start button to convert the PDF file.

-The conversion is faster, so you can open the DXF file to see all the vector entities converted.

-Now you are able to edit the DXF file and save hours of precious time.

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