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Command Preview

The command preview provides you a quick feedback of the active command. It shows you exactly how the objects will look when the âœTRIMâ, âœEXTENDâ and âœHATCHâ command is executed. As you make changes within the command, you can instantly preview the final result.

User Interface

Ribbon, command line and status bar enhancements provide better user design experience. Show or hide ribbon to increase work space are, type any command and visualize it at command line and select a bunch of drafting options from status bar.

Redefine Block

Now design center offers a quick way to update instances of block. Redefining a block allows you to overwrite each block instance without changing the block name, all while keeping the original block’s position. Alternatively, if you just copy a newer version of a block into your active drawing, the block will not update – it will instead inherent the active drawing’s block definition. By redefining a block, there is no need for deleting, purging, and copying.

Check Spelling

Now Mtext supports check spelling that determines whether as you type spell checking is on or off. If you are typing a wrong word, it will show a red line under the text. In addition, you can correct a word easily by selecting an alternative word from the Suggestions list or type a word in the Suggestions box.