Enhanced Palettes in GstarCAD 2023

Enhanced Palettes in GstarCAD 2023

GstarCAD 2023 has enhanced palettes that greatly improves drawing efficiency and user experience.

Transparency/ Auto-Hide/ Anchor Left/ Anchor Right of Palettes

Now GstarCAD 2023 palettes supports transparency, auto-hide, Anchor Left/Anchor Right, as well as memorizing the locations and settings of floating palettes and windows.

Anchor Left: Anchors a dockable window or palette to the left of the drawing area. When the cursor is moved on it, the anchored palette displays with full opacity, when the cursor is moved away, it hides automatically.

The following shows transparent effects of palettes:

Transparency of Properties Palettes opacity set to 71 in GstarCAD 2023

Remember Palettes Locations and Settings

The settings and locations of floating palettes remain the same when accessing it again after opening a new drawing file or restarting CAD software.

Check the video and see enhanced Tool Palettes in action

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