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What’s the use of Grids in CAD?

When opening CAD system, the system creates a new empty drawing, we can see in the drawing there are points(in lower version of CAD) or lines(in higher version of CAD) that are equidistant from each other, which is called grids. So what’s the use of grids in CAD. OK, let me explain this in detail.

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Instead of buying GstarCAD on Amazon, buy it on our official Eshop

We have received emails from users in different countries asking why they can’t buy GstarCAD on Amazon. We really appreciate users buying our products online. Actually we have GstarCAD Eshop that provides a wide range of GstarCAD products at reasonable price. We can’t list all of our products on Amazon and our users may not be entitled to discounts if we sell on Amazon.

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What’s new in GstarCAD 2020?

GstarCAD 2020 has just been released and is available for download and purchase at https://www.gstarcad.net/cad/. But before downloading and starting your free trial, let’s talk about some of the features in GstarCAD 2020 and what you can expect from it.

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Tips for CAD external reference and its applications in design

The following contains contents and concepts about external references that you can easily find on the Internet, I’ve also made some modifications to them and I would like to share with all of you.

The xref of CAD has made design more convenient and save more time — different designers can share design information and improve precision and collaborative efficiency. The following is how to use xref and its main functions, in order to better illustrate the tips and tricks about it, I take the architectural industry as an example.

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Operations and concepts about CAD blocks

In our daily drawing with CAD, we usually need to insert some special characters into the drawing and therefore blocks and block attributes are needed to complete the drawing. A good command of blocks and block attributes can improve the efficiency of drawing as well as the quality of the drawing and can be important in completing complex drawings.

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What is Byblock and Bylayer in CAD?

Objects in CAD have several basic attributes such as color, linetype, line weight and so on, these attributes control the display effect and printing effect of graphics. So setting attributes of objects properly can make graphics more clear, more importantly, we can get the best printing effect. When setting the color, linetype and line weight of the objects, we can see the two options of Byblock and Bylayer in the list. However, even people with some CAD knowledge could be confused by them, not mention how confusing they can be to CAD newbies.

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How to use LENGTHEN command in CAD? How to draw an arc with a specified length?

I was asked the other day about how to draw an arc with a specified length. Well, CAD provides many ways to draw an arc using point, center, and angle. Using arc command will not specify the arc length, but we can use fixed-points, radium and so on to draw an arc with approximate length and use LENGTHEN command to modify the arc length.

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