Have you tried enhanced dynamic input in GstarCAD 2024?

Have you tried enhanced dynamic input in GstarCAD 2024?

GstarCAD 2024 has significantly enhanced its Dynamic Input tools.

Why Dynamic Input is so important?

Dynamic Input is a very important and useful feature that helps CAD users to get feedback on their actions. When Dynamic Input is turned on, the Dynamic Input will display information near the cursor where users input value and users will get quick access to commands and system variables that dynamically update and are relevant to your current activity.

Enhanced Dynamic Input in GstarCAD 2024

Dynamic Input system is upgraded in GstarCAD 2024 by adding Dimension Input, Vertical Dynamic Prompts list, and separating Pointer Input boxes to provide an easier-to-use experience for design professionals and improve design efficiency.

* Independent Pointer Input Boxes

Pointer Input boxes for length, angle coordinates, etc. are now displayed independently in GstarCAD 2024, making it more convenient for users to input different values by simply switching between the boxes using the TAB key.

* Dynamic Dimension Input

When creating and editing objects in GstarCAD 2024, data such as length, angle, radius, etc., are displayed in the form of dimensions, which dynamically change as the mouse cursor is moved. With the help of the independent Pointer Input boxes, users are now able to input dimension data and execute design operations more efficiently.

* Vertical Dynamic Prompts List

Dynamic Prompts List is now displayed vertically by default in GstarCAD 2024, which allows users to see all the prompts at once, simplifying drawing operations. The horizontal prompts list could still be activated by using the system variable DYNLISTSTYLE.

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