Enhanced ObjectARX API in GstarCAD 2023

Enhanced ObjectARX API in GstarCAD 2023

GstarCAD 2023 GRX is perfectly compatible with AutoCAD® ObjectARX® 2020 APIs, programs can be successfully compiled, loaded and used without editing the code.

All you need to do is modify some options of the Configuration Properties and Rebuild Solution, saving users the trouble of migrating applications.

GRX: The Runtime extension programming environment of GstarCAD, which is compatible with ARX application programs of AutoCAD® on the source-code level.

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Please Note:

The APIs are not going to be changed in the next several years, so the applications only need to be migrated once.

You can find more detailed information about GRX Migration, Development and Upgrade at GstarCAD 2023 GRX Migration Guide document, GstarCAD 2023 GRX Development Guide document and GstarCAD 2023 GRX Upgrade Guide document.

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