Compare Similar Objects on Current Drawing

Compare Similar Objects on Current Drawing

-In this tutorial, we’ll see how to compare similar objects on current drawing.

-For example, if you have similar design concepts.

-And you want to analyze what are the differences between them.

-You can execute the Graphic Compare tool from the ribbon at Express tab> Drawing panel.

-Within the Graphic Compare dialog box, click this button.

-Now select all objects as base reference and specify a point.

-Notice the total amount of selected objects will be displayed in here.

-Click this button and select all objects to be compared.

-Then specify a base point to finish.

-In the Output drawing, select Insert current drawing option.

-You can set some Output settings according your needs.

-Finally, press Ok button and specify an insertion point.

-You can see the differences highlighted by colors on the current drawing.

-Now you can decide what design fits your product requirement.

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