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Compare Between Two Drawing Files

Compare Between Two Drawing Files

-Today let’s perform a very useful tool to compare between two drawing files.

-For example, if you received a modified drawing from your project team.

-But you don’t know what objects have been modified from your original version.

-From the ribbon, select the Graphic Compare tool at Express tab> Drawing panel.

-Within the Graphic Compare dialog box, check the Specify file option.

-You can load the base file which means the original file you were working with.

-And browse the file you have received from your project team.

-There are two options to output the compared drawing.

-In this case, let’s select Export to a file option.

-If you click the Output settings button, you can set different layer, linetype and color for the compare drawing objects.

-Make sure the right path where the compared file will be saved.

-And finally, press the Ok button to finish the Graphic Compare command.

-The program will identify and process all objects modified, added or deleted from both drawings.

-You can open the compared drawing.

-Notice all modified objects have been highlighted with assigned colors.

-In our next tutorial we’ll see how to compare similar objects that lie on a current drawing.

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