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Overview Some Methods of Counting Blocks

Overview Some Methods of Counting Blocks

-There are different ways to count big or small amount of blocks in a current drawing.

-If you need to know the total amount of blocks?

-You can call the Properties palette.

-Then window select all drawing objects.

-From the list, pick the Block Reference.

-It lets you know the total amount of blocks as reference.

-If you want to know total amount of a specific block only.

-Just select the block you want to count.

-Do right click mouse, choose the option Select Similar.

-All same block type will be selected.

-Now type LIST command to see how many similar blocks have been selected.

-If you want to know more details about all blocks in the current drawing.

-You can type BCOUNT command.

-Then window select all objects and press Enter.

-You can press F2 to call the text window.

-Now you’ll see all blocks name and their respective amounts available.

-You can choose any method you wish according to your valuable time.

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