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What’s new in GstarCAD 2020?

GstarCAD 2020 has just been released and is available for download and purchase at But before downloading and starting your free trial, let’s talk about some of the features in GstarCAD 2020 and what you can expect from it.

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What are absolute coordinates and relative coordinates in CAD? How to enter coordinates using different methods?

Sometimes we know the exact coordinates, but sometimes we only know the angle and distance. We need to pinpoint a point using different methods based on what we’ve known. Therefore, the CAD system provides many ways to enter coordinates.

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Can my block be dynamic?

In some design, particularly architectural design, some of the blocks(furniture, television .etc) need to move or rotate the position freely in order to get a better preview. Actually, it’s not difficult so much. Today, GstarCAD brings you a practical feature_ block editor.

You use the Block Editor to define and modify the objects and behavior in a block definition. In the Block Editor, you add parameters and actions, which define custom properties and dynamic behavior.

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What is OFFSETGAPTYPE variable?

This system variable can have a drastic effect on the appearance of offsets. It’s stored in the registry so it affects all drawings. The initial value is 0. Check the simple picture below as a reference.

  • 0  Extends the segments to fill the gap (the old way)
  •  Fills the gaps with a filleted arc segment (the radius of the arc segment is equal to the offset distance)
  • 2  Fills the gaps with a chamfered line segment
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Can the zoom direction be changed?

Yes! The zoom direction can be changed. Users have different habits when using the wheel. How does the mouse wheel meets my habit? System variable ZOOMWHEEL can do you a favor. It can toggles the direction of transparent zoom operations when you scroll the middle mouse wheel. This really a useful variable for some designers.

Why my middle mouse wheel zoom is too fast or too slow?

While using the middle mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out in a drawing, Have you ever felt the middle mouse wheel zoom is too fast or too slow? That’s true. It can depend on the scale of the drawing and objects you are working on, or perhaps even your mood. This speed of the zoom in and out is controlled by a system variable named ZOOMFACTOR. The default of the system variable ZOOMFACTOR is 60. You type ZOOMFACTOR and then change the value. Don’t hesitate to have a try!

How can the hidden dialog box be shown whenever I want?

You may occasionally find yourself in a situation where the NEW, OPEN, and SAVE commands do not provide a dialog. Simply enter FILEDIA at the command prompt and enter a value of 1. Your dialog box will come back again. (The Value 1 means inactive and 0 is active. ) At the command prompt, you also can enter the tilde ~ character followed by enter to bring up the file selection dialog box.

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Why specific objects in my drawing are shown as boxes?

What happened with the drawing? why the texts are missing? Don’t fall headache.

This is actually a setting to simplify the drawing appearance. By simplifying the text appearance, you can work with drawing faster. The system variable that responsible for this appearance is QTEXTMODE. You can turn it on/off by typing QTEXTMODE. Value 1 means it is active and 0 is inactive (default). So use it only when you don’t work with text. This system variable is stored in drawing, so it’s drawing specific. Not for all drawings.

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