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-Let’s create a dynamic block to fit our drawing requirements.

-For example, we will convert this table set into a dynamic block.

-First, execute the block command.

-Select “Pick point” button and pick a point on the drawing to specify the base of the block.

-Then click “Select object” button and window select all the objects required.

-Input a proper name to the block and click “OK” button.

-We have created our block definition “Table and Chairs”.

-Now we need to convert it into a dynamic block.

-We can double click the block to open the “Edit Block Definition” dialog box.

-Select the block name from the list and press “Ok” button.

-In the dynamic block editor environment, we will see different panels like parameters, actions, visibility, etc…

-Today let’s perform “Linear parameter” and “Stretch action”.

-What we want to do is stretch this part dynamically to increase the length of our table.

-First, select the “Linear” parameter.

-On the command prompt select “Name” option.

-Input a proper name like “Length”.

-Then pick a start and endpoint, and specify the label location.

-Right now, no action is associated with this parameter yet.

-Let’s select the “Stretch” action.

-Select the linear parameter to stretch the distance.

-Specify this point to associate with action.

-Window select the stretch frame.

-Select the objects to be stretched.

-And specify the action label location.

-Click the “Close Block Editor” and save the changes.

-Now if we click the dynamic block, we can stretch any distance the table and chair.

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