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Visibility States

Visibility States

-We already created a dynamic block with Linear parameter and stretch action.

-What about if we show and hide the chairs of our dynamic block.

-Select the block, do right -click mouse and select the “Block Editor” option from the menu.

-Select the block name from the list and press “Ok” button.

-Today let’s perform “Visibility Sates”.

-What we want to do show and hide the chairs of the table.

-First, select the “Visibility” parameter.

-On the command prompt select “Name” option.

-Input a proper name like “Display Chairs”.

-Then specify the parameter location.

-We double-click the parameter label to open the “Visibility States” dialog box.

-Click the “Rename” button and name it as “With Chairs”.

-Click the “New” button and name it as “Without Chairs”.

-Now on the visibility panel we have created two visibility states.

-Select the “Without Chairs” visibility.

-Then select the four chairs.

-Press the “Make Invisible” button to make the chairs invisible.

-Now select the “With Chairs” visibility from the panel.

-We’ll see the chairs again.

-If we press the “Visibility Mode” button, we will see both states.

-Press the “Close Block Editor” button and “Save” the changes.

-If click the block, notice there is a grip arrow head there.

-Click the grip to deploy the visibility options from the menu.

-And select the desire state “With or Without Chairs”.

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