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Value List

Value List

-We already created a dynamic block with visibility states.

-What about if we define different lengths of the table through value list.

-Select the block do right-click mouse and select the “Block Editor” option from the menu.

-Today let’s perform “Value List” from linear parameter.

-What we want to do is define different lengths of the table as a choice.

-First, open the “Properties” palette.

-Then select the linear parameter “Distance 1”.

-On value set category, Dist type, from the drop-down, choose “List” option.

-Then click this button to pop up the ”Add Distance Value” dialog box.

-Let’s specify different distance to limit the length of the table.

-Each time we must click the “Add” button to add more values for our table lengths.

-Finally, press “Ok” button to exit the dialog box.

-We’ll see some kind of marks indicating the table length distance defined.

-Press the “Close Block Editor” button and “Save” the changes.

-If we click the block, we can manipulate this grip.

-Notice that we can stretch the table to a specific length.

-But we can’t stretch beyond the limits of the defined table length.

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