Tips for using CAD software

Tips for using CAD software

CAD has been widely used in architecture, electronic, mechanical and other related industries. 

Many Many CAD users still did not grasp the basic skills, often encounter problems such as low efficiency in drawing and accuracy problem. So we make up article summarizes several skills and experience to use CAD software hope to provide some help for you.

  1. save frequently

In CAD, you can save your drawing automatically from tools menu, select option and click file tab in option dialog box, set the auto saved file path through” automatic save file location”. then you can set automatic save and minutes between saves by clicking ” open and save “tab.

Note: do not set time interval too short, it will waste of system resources, you can set 10 minutes as time interval in general.

2. check prompts

CAD is a humanized design software, you can get prompt in every step. Even if a command you’ve never used, as long as do it step by step according to the prompt, you can accomplish the design. the height of the command line of the CAD software, typically, two to three lines, so you can totally see every tip of the step.

3. flexible to use shortcuts

remember the frequently used command, such as line, pline, copy, delete, move, list, mirror .etc. click the menu or icon, you can get the command from command line, or you can type first one or two characters of the command, generally, that will be command abbreviation.

4. Good habits

To form a good drawing habit can greatly improve the portability and readability. the good habits are as follows:

① use pline instead of line, because pline is an object which is convenience for secondary usage.

② take advantage of LAYER function, assign different types of objects to different layers is good to classify the objects for later using.

③ use group and block flexibility, select the grouped objects all at once is convenience for editing.

④ The boundary, unit, dimension style, text style must have templates, for quick call later.

⑤ Don’t explode the hatch pattern and dimension created by system.

⑥ Try to use the system default font to avoid mess code when transfer to other computer

⑦ Model space is only used to draw, layout space is only used to place the drawing frame.

5. Precise drafting

Precise drawing is very important to us for dimension, print, image export and share drawing, Based on the experience, we should pay attention to the following items:

① please strictly according to the scale 1:1 to draw and adjust the scale in the final print process.

② Flexible use of point snap function, don’t believe your eyesight, it is impossible to pick up the end point of the line casually.

③ use (CLOSE) command to close the line.

④ For the known length, we can input directly by keyboard.

⑤ Flexible use orthogonal mode, grids and snap.

6. Draw with all my heart and Concentrate

This skill is for all the designers, only draw attentively, we can get the right, standard, beautiful drawings, our work will be more easily accepted and more efficiency.

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