The default background color is black, let’s try to add a white background color to the settings.

Enter OP, then press Enter key to open the Options dialog box, and switch to the Profile tab, click the “Add to List” button to pop up the “Add Profile” dialog box, as shown in the following picture,

We can also add description in the popped up dialog box of “Add Profile”

Click “Apply & Close” button, close the dialog box to finish the adding.

Then select “white background” and click “Set Current”.

Switch to the Display tab, click color button, and set the 2D model space color to white, as shown in the following picture,

Click “Apply & Close” button to finish the color setting.

We can see the background color is white now,

If we want to go back to the black background color, just switch to the Profiles tab, select the Unnamed Profile and click the “Set Current” button, as shown in the following picture,

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