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How to create a hatch object without boundary

How to create a hatch object without boundary

-Commonly when doing Hatch, we have to create first its boundary before doing the hatch itself.

-That is always the case for many users when doing hatch on their drawing.

-But doing hatch without boundary is also possible and that is the one we are going to do.

-To create hatch without boundary, type -HATCH.

-Enter P option to specify hatch Properties.

-Enter the name of the pattern. For example, shakes1.

-Specify a proper Scale and Angle for the hatch pattern.

-Enter W option to specify Draw Boundary.

– Enter N option to discard the polyline boundary once the hatch area has been defined.

-Specify points to define the boundary, then enter C option to close the polyline boundary. 

-Press ENTER twice to get an unbounded hatch.

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