How to enhance drawing representation with Superhatch

How to enhance drawing representation with Superhatch

-You can create almost any type of fill like image, block, xref and wipeout using the SuperHatch command.

-All you need to do is make a block of the pattern that you want to tile as your hatch.

-Either type Superhatch or find it on ribbon Express>Modify panel.

-Pick Block button, find the created block and press Ok button.

-Specify the insertion point within the hatch area.

-Set the scale factor and angle rotation as you need.

-Press Enter if you agree with the hatch pattern position.

-Specify an internal point for hatch boundary and press Enter.

-You can even insert a block from tool palettes.

-Now you can apply wipeout using Superhatch.

-Just select the empty spaces of the inserted block and done.

-Now you can move the wipeout block around the hatch boundary.

-Furthermore, you can even make a hatch from an image to give a truly realistic hatch effect.

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