How to convert file layers with Layer Translator

How to convert file layers with Layer Translator

– If you ever have received a DWG file from a client which contains a bunch of layers.

-But they don’t match my drawing standard layers.

-To match drawing standard layers between drawings you can use the Layer Translator tool.

-On the manage tab>CAD Standards panel, click the Layer Translator icon.

-Here is a list of layers of the client drawing that you need to convert to.

-Click the “Load” button and search a preferred file you want to load.

-In this part shows up the collection of my standard layers that I want to convert to.

-Click the “Map same” button to match same layer names between drawings.

-Then a list of mapped layers (old & new) will be shown.

-Notice that this layer’s list didn’t match up with the other.

-You can select the layers from the left list to match up with one layer of the right list.

-After that, click “Map” button to add the selected layers to the mapped list.

-When you finish to map all client layers to your drawing standard.

-Click the “Translate” button to see the effect on the client’s drawing.

-Now all the layers have been converted to your custom layer standards.

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