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How to control the orientation of reference angle(0°)?

How to control the orientation of reference angle(0°)?

-Quite often, when you draw any type of line work, you are prompted for a distance and angle.

-By default, GstarCAD uses the positive X-axis, or EAST, direction as a reference.

-This angle is defined as 0°. Thus, all angles are measure from this, typically in a counter-clockwise method.

-If you wish to change the orientation of this reference angle, type the UNITS command.

-In the Drawing Units dialog box, click “Direction” button.

-In Direction Control, you can choose which of the cardinal directions you would like to be as 0°.

-If you are working with civil engineers, for instance, you may wish to set the North 90° option.

-So that your angles coincide with their coordinate systems and bearings taking the NORT as 0° angle reference.

-GstarCAD takes into account the needs of different industries and different people’s habits and provides you with settings to modify the CAD angle and direction as needed.

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