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About setting transparency

About setting transparency

If we want the drawing to display overlapping objects, we need to set the transparency so that the overlapping parts of the objects can be seen.

As a property of objects, the transparency can be set directly or through the layer setting. Since transparency often applies to hatches, the hatch dialog box also has transparency setting.

1.How to set transparency for layers

Enter “Layer” and press Enter key to open the Layer Properties Manager dialog box,

We can see from the above picture that there is a “Transparency” column, we can click on the value for Transparency to pop up the “Layer Transparency”, we can change the transparency value, and the transparency value applies to objects on this layer whose transparency is set By layer.

2. How to set transparency for objects

Instead of setting the transparency for all objects on the layer, we can set transparency for selected objects.

After selecting the object, find Home tab > Properties Panel > Transparency,

Alternatively, use CTRL+1 to display the Properties Panel and find “Transparency”, shown as below,

3. How to set transparency for filled objects

When creating new hatch or fills, we can directly set the transparency, shown as below, we can also change the transparency value for previously created ones,

4. Plot with transparency

The CAD system not only supports the transparent display in the graphics window, but also supports transparency when plotting.

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