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How to display two or multiple drawings in CAD

How to display two or multiple drawings in CAD

How to open multiple drawings using one window?


If you are using GstarCAD Classic workspace, there are several options to choose from the drop-down list of Window, including Cascade, Tile Horizontally, etc, shown as below,

When using 2D Drafting workspace, find View > User Interface panel, as shown in the following picture,

Below is an example of Tile Horizontally, and we could manually adjust the position or size of the drawings in the window by dragging,

How to switch between open drawings easily and quickly?

If the screen is not big enough, we seldom put the drawings using Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically, instead, we switch between different drawings using the following methods.


Press CTRL and Tab at the same time to switch between drawings one by one, shown as below,

2. From File Tab, shown as below, manually click on the file name to switch between different drawings,

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