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Small tips about Status bar

Small tips about Status bar

How to restore the missing status bar at the bottom of the screen

Use system variable Statusbar

The STATUSBAR system variable is used to control the display of the status bar.

When the value is set to 0, the status bar is hidden;

When the value is set to 1, the status bar is displayed.

How to display status bar icon as plain text

By default, the status bar indicate status using icons, but users can change that by indicating status using text.

Just right-click on any button on the bottom status bar, then unselect Use Icon

How to customize the status bar

There might be more icons in the status bar than you need, you can always hide the icons and functions you don’t use and only keep those commonly used ones to make the status bar more concise and easy-to-use.

Just right-click the blank space in the status bar and move cursor over Status Toggle to show a list of icons that you can hide, shown as below,

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