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Beginner level: How to use Boundary command in CAD

Beginner level: How to use Boundary command in CAD

Boundary (BO ) command in CAD is used to create regions or a polylines from enclosed areas.

How to access the Boundary (BO) command

* When using 2D Drafting workspace, find Home tab > Draw panel > Boundary, shown as below,

* When using GstarCAD Classic workspace, find Draw > Boundary, shown as below,

* Enter BOUNDARY or BO, shown as below,

After executing the Boundary command, the following Boundary Creation dialog box is displayed,

Pick Points

Pick Points determines a boundary from existing objects that form an enclosed area around the specified point.

Island detection:

The Island detection controls whether internal closed boundaries, which are called islands, are detected.

Object Type:

Object Type controls the type of the new boundary object. The resulting boundary object can be either a polyline or a certain object. This option is available only when Retain Boundaries is selected.

Boundary Set

Boundary Set defines the set of objects BOUNDARY analyzes when defining a boundary from a specified point.

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