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All you need to know about VPLAYER command

All you need to know about VPLAYER command

VPLAYER is used to set layer visibility within viewports.

In the Model space, only New Freeze and Viewport visibility default options are available, but in paper space, the available options include ?, Color, Ltype, LWeight, Transparency, Freeze, Thaw, Reset, New Freeze and Viewport visibility default.


List frozen layers


Changes the color associated with a layer


Changes the linetype associated with a layer


Changes the lineweight associated with a layer.


Changes the transparency level associated with a layer.


Freezes a layer or set of layers in one or more viewports. Objects on frozen layers are not displayed, regenerated, or plotted.


Thaws layers in specific viewports.


Sets the visibility of layers in specified viewports to their current default setting.

New Freeze

Creates new layers that are frozen in all viewports.

Viewport visibility default

Thaws or freezes the specified layers in subsequently created viewports.

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