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How much do you know about Copy command?

How much do you know about Copy command?

Copy command is one of the most commonly used and basic CAD commands. The Copy command is similar to the Move command except that a new object will be created in the Move command.

  1. Set Copy Mode to Single

There is a copy mode option that is used to control whether to repeat copying automatically.

If we only need to create a single copy of the selected object most of the time, then we can set the Copy mode to single.

There are two ways to setting to Single Mode:

* Execute the Copy (CO) command, select an object, and press Enter key. Enter O, press Enter key, and input S when prompted, press Enter key, shown as below,

* Use COPYMODE system variable

When the value of COPYMODE is set to 0, it’s Multiple mode;

When the value is set to 1, it’s Single mode.

2. How to use Array function in the Copy command

We don’t have to use the Array command if we just want to copy a few objects and distribute them at an equal distance along a path. The Copy command is enough to do this.

To use the Array function in the Copy command:

* Execute the Copy (CO) command, press Enter key, select the object to be copied and then press Enter key; After you specify base point, you will get the following prompts,

* Enter A (Array), press Enter key, and enter the number of items to array, shown as below,

Then we can move the cursor to specify the distance between the two neighboring objects,

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