How to make selection easy with Filter command

How to make selection easy with Filter command

Filter command is used to create a list of requirements that an object must meet to be included in a selection set.

How to access the Filter command

* When using GstarCAD Classic workspace, find

Express > Selection Tools > Filtrate Selection, shown as below,

* When using 2D Drafting workspace, find

Home > Utilities > Filtrate Selection (FILTER), shown as below,

* Enter FI (FILTER) and press Enter key, shown as below,

After executing the Filter command, the following Object Selection Filters dialog box will pop up,

and users can select, edits, and names filters for object selection.

Select Filter

Users can select filter properties from the drop down list and add them to the current filter.

X, Y, Z Parameters

Users can specify additional filter parameters depending on the object. Let’s say you have selected Line Start, you can enter the coordinate values for X, Y, and Z axis that you want to filter.


Clicking on the Select button will show items of the specified type in the drawing. Users select the items to filter, let’s say you’ve selected the object type Color, then clicking on Select button will show a list of colors to choose for the filter.

Add to List

Adds the current Select Filter property to the filter list.


Clicking on Sustitute button will replace the filter property selected in the filter property list with the one displayed in Select Filter.

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