Encountered an unknown error? Try Reset!

Encountered an unknown error? Try Reset!

There are chances that our CAD experiences an anomaly after setting up a system variable or loading a plugin, it would be best if we can just solve the problem. But when it’s hard to find the real problem or it’s really time-consuming to find the cause, we can reset the CAD or set it to default.

Reset button

Most of the cases when we experience an anomaly in our CAD system, it’s because we have modified certain parameters or variables, for example, if solid fill is not displayed, check to see if the FILLMODE is set to 0. If we cannot find the right solution from Help document, we can try Reset.

Enter OP and press Enter key to open the Options dialog box, switch to the Profile tab, just click the Reset button, we can set all parameters to default, as shown in the following picture,

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