What is BAK? How to disable BAK?

What is BAK? How to disable BAK?

If you feel that generating a bunch of BAK files takes up space, it is not necessary, you can let CAD not generate BAK files, the setting method is very simple. It can be set directly through the “Options” dialog box or directly through variables.

The setting method is as follows:

In the “Open and Save” tab of the “Options” dialog box, uncheck “Create a backup copy every time you save”, as shown in the figure.

If the CAD version we are using is higher and the cursor stays on this option, a prompt will appear, telling you that this parameter is controlled by a variable: ISAVEBAK. If we remember this variable, we can set the value of the variable directly without opening the options dialog:

Enter ISAVEBAK at the command line, press Enter, enter 0, press Enter, and that’s it.

If you want to save the backup file, set this variable to 1

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