Commonly used command: DATAEXTRACTION

Commonly used command: DATAEXTRACTION

The DATAEXTRACTION command is used to extract data from drawings into tables or files.

After executing the DATAEXTRACTION command, the following dialog box will pop up,

We can see that there are 8 pages of the Data Extraction Wizard, on the first page, we can either create a new data extraction or edit an existing data extraction, when we create a new one, we can use the previously extracted data as a template.

After selecting the object, just click the button to go to page 3.

Page 3 will be listing object types of the selected objects, for example, the object that I have selected include Circle, Hatch, Polyline, etc.

When we have too many object types, we can choose to display only block, non-blocks or blocks with attributes.

Page 5

After confirming the data, we can click the button to page 6.

We can choose to insert the extracted data directly into drawing, or we can choose to output the data to external files, as shown in the following picture,

If we choose the latter, we’ll move to page 8 when we click the button, then the extraction has finished.

If we choose the former, clicking the next button will get us to page 7, as shown in the following picture,

Click the next button to page 8, after clicking Finish button, we’ll get prompted to specify insertion point to insert the extracted data into drawing, as shown in the following picture,

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