Why the LAYISO command doesn’t work ?

Why the LAYISO command doesn’t work ?

If you find LAYISO is not working correctly or LAYISO no longer isolates layers, check your Settings for the LAYISO command.

If your LAYISO command is not working like it used to, for example, the unisolated layers remain visible or they’re just fading a little bit, as shown below,

  1. Please start the Layiso command and press Enter key,

2. Then enter “S” and press Enter key to select the “Settings” option, shown as below,

3. Then enter “Off” and press Enter key, then you’re prompted to choose between Vpfreeze and Off:

“Off” is to turn off all layers except the ones you want to isolate.

“Vpfreeze” is to freeze all layers in the current layout viewport excepts the ones you want to isolate

4. After you change the option in the Settings for LAYISO command, you should be able to isolate the layers of selected objects, just like me, shown as below,

For more about LAYISO command, please visit

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