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What is Layer Isolate (LAYISO) command? How to use it?

What is Layer Isolate (LAYISO) command? How to use it?

If your drawing is complex with all those layers, then count on LAYISO command to help focus on specific work that needs to be done.

LAYISO command is used to isolate the layers of selected objects. All the other layers in the drawing are either turned off, frozen or locked, depending on your current setting. The isolated layers remain visible, unlocked and editable like they used to be.

We can Enter LAYISO and press Enter key to execute the command,

Then you’re prompted to select objects on the layer(s) to be isolated, shown as below,

Before & After LAYISO

How to change LAYISO Settings for unisolated layers ?

Sometimes we may prefer the unisolated layers be locked and faded rather than turned off,

  1. Execute the LAYISO command.
  2. Then enter “S” and press Enter key to select the “Settings” option, shown as below,

3. By default, the “Off” options is set, we can choose “Lock and fade” options and even set the fade value,

LAYUNISO command

To reverse the changes in layer status made by the last LAYISO command, use the LAYUNISO command, shown as below,

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