Why Collaboration?

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is not a new concept for most of us who work in the CAD industry, it became well-known when topics on BIM (Building Information Modeling) began to prevail in recent years and it has become increasingly important especially for large companies with many projects and complicated drawing files. Collaboration usually involves two or more people working together in a project to accomplish a common goal.

For better productivity or efficiency and less time?

The biggest advantage of collaboration is to make things easier to achieve. Frequent design changes, especially at the later stages of a project have always been a big headache for designers and draftsmen. One of the greatest benefits of collaboration is to improve productivity and efficiency by providing on-site and real-time communication among project team members, which makes communication more easier and reduces errors.

What comes together with improved productivity and efficiency? Of course, it’s less time spent on one project.

How Collaboration System in GstarCAD 2019 works?

There are three different modes of Collaboration in GstarCAD 2019: Timely, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. Each working mode can be applied to a wide range of working scenarios from plan discussion, drawing design to drawing review and so on. It enables cross-department and cross-team collaboration, allowing designers and draftsmen to work together more efficiently on projects, significantly reducing design errors and costs. Based on new technologies like data incremental storage and transmission, the system is also implemented as a drawing version management system, making it very easy to trace and return to any previous version.

Who benefits most and how can they benefit?

Everyone can benefit from the Collaboration System in GstarCAD 2019 in one way or another. But the ones who benefit most are big companies who have many people working on the same project and many complicated drawing files to deal with. The system is especially applicable for manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction companies where people need to frequently use Xref to work with each other and the overall team efficiency is highly valued.

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