Free CAD VS Paid CAD?

Free CAD VS Paid CAD?

One question that I have been frequently asked is should I use free CAD or paid CAD instead of which CAD should I use. So I decided to talk about my opinions about this. I’m not gonna make a long list of all the factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing your CAD. Just a few factors that really matters here.

Are you a CAD beginner/hobbyist or a professional/advanced CAD user?

If you are only a CAD beginner or hobbyist that have no or few experiences about CAD software, then starting with free CAD software sounds like a good idea. Because there are great chances that you don’t know all the ABCs about CAD, so get a free CAD to start in case you want to quit CAD in the middle of the learning process. In this case, paid CAD is a waste of money.

But things are a bit different for those who are professional and advanced users of CAD. Choosing the right CAD software is very important for them to perform their design tasks perfectly and efficiently. So if you are very serious about design and drawing, just turn to paid CAD and you won’t regret what you paid for.

Pros and cons of free and paid CAD

The only good thing about free CAD is that it’s free, it won’t cost you a penny. You just need the internet connection: download a virus-free package for the software you want and then install it on your computer.

The cons, however, will make you think twice before jumping in. The free software remains current for years and doesn’t get upgrades. You won’t have the advanced features or express tools in your software that can facilitate your working process and save your valuable time.

No technical support available for free software, if you come across problems with your design or software, you have to figure out yourself or ask a professional for help. Even senior draftsmen with years of experience have problems that they can’t solve. So having technical support beyond your reach can save you valuable time and a lot of trouble.

Many would assume CAD is expensive, on the contrary, the right CAD software is cost-effective and saves your time and costs in the long run, so calculating your Return on Investment of your CAD system before making your decision.

Free CAD is a good thing, but paid CAD is a better and great thing. Are you going to choose free CAD or paid CAD?

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