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Named-user subscription VS Flexible licensing

Named-user subscription VS Flexible licensing

The most talked-about topic these days may be named-user subscription replacing the serial number-based plans, including maintenance plan and subscription with multi-user access, etc.

But what is a named-used subscription and should we pay for it?

Named-user subscription, as its name suggests, is linked to a single, “named” user account, which goes like “”. A company has to purchase it for every user who uses the software, even a casual user.

Think twice before you jump into the named-user subscription plan

  • It seems nice that users can trade-in one network license for 2 named-user subscriptions at their next renewal, but how many new subscriptions do you have to buy for casual CAD users?
  • Is it easy to manage the named-user accounts? How much effort will be used to create and manage the account for everyone?
  • If people frequently join and leave your company, is named-user subscription really your best choice?
  • Can the named-user subscription still work when there is no internet connection?
  • Are you ready to 100% rely on the public license server? What if the public license server crashes?
  • Are you downsizing your fixed assets by transitioning to named-user subscription?
  • Your perpetual software can be considered a long-term fixed asset just like buildings and land, but transitioning to named-user subscription will make it no longer a long-term asset and therefore can’t fall into the fixed assets category.

With all the above questions, I am not sure whether named-user subscription is really a good idea for all the customer needs. In my point, every company has its own way of doing things and manage their license. Why not provide more licensing options and let users make the decision by themselves. Perpetual or subscription, stand-alone or network, serial number or dongle, all up to you!

How GstarCAD licensing meets your every need

GstarCAD can work with or without internet connection and is available in perpetual license, subscriptions, network license, etc. Whether you are an individual user or company users, you can always find a plan for you.

* Perpetual licensing — you own the software forever

Not only subscription, we also provide perpetual license.

Perpetual license is a traditional way that we buy software, we pay for our software and we own the software forever without mandatory upgrades. It’s like buying almost everything in our daily life, once we buy a book or a car, we own it forever.

* Network licensing — pay less and do more

Not only stand-alone, we also have network license.

Network licensing is a certain number of licenses available from a shared corporate network, this method allows the company to install the software in as many computers as needed but only those who are given one of the floating licenses can use the software. Which means you only need to have licenses for the maximum number of simultaneous users expected, not for each computer where the software will be installed.

For example, if you have a design company with 50 employees, 15 of them are dedicated CAD users and the rest of them are casual users. With named-user subscription, you may have to purchase 50 accounts. But with network licensing, you could buy 20 licenses or even less.

* Dongle —- bring your license with you

Not only serial number, we also have Dongle license.

Dongle, or USB-key Dongle is a small piece of hardware that allows you to run the software on any random computer as long as you attach it to that computer like attaching a flash drive.

With a dongle, you are not restricted to just one computer or one location in order to use the software. You have your license right in your pocket, isn’t this convenient?

GstarCAD always puts our customers’ needs first. Not only provides a wide range of licensing but also powerful and most compatible command structure at reasonable prices. We understand our duty is to help users win more projects and create more revenue with GstarCAD products. So, your need is always at the first place.

Save money with flexible licensing from GstarCAD, now! 

*To find more about GstarCAD licensing such as subscription and maintenance plan, please visit the official website

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