How to deal with viewports efficiently with GstarCAD 2024

How to deal with viewports efficiently with GstarCAD 2024

GstarCAD 2024 has been released with significant enhancements and new features. Now with GstarCAD 2024, users can deal with viewports with greater efficiency.

Users can add, merge and adjust viewports by simply holding and dragging the viewport borderlines with the mouse cursor.

Adjust Viewport

You can adjust a single viewport or multiple viewports.

Add viewports

You can hover your mouse cursor on the “+” area of a viewport borderline and it will become a two-way arrow “↔”. Then you can click and drag the viewport borderline left/right or up/down, and the borderline turns into a green dividing line. Release the mouse where you want to divide the viewport and a new viewport will be created. Or you can press the Ctrl key while adjusting the viewport size to add a new viewport.  

Merge Viewports

Use your mouse cursor to drag one viewport borderline left/right or up/down to where another is, and a white highlight line will appear on the outer border of the two viewports, then release to merge the viewports.

GstarCAD 2024 has been released, download the free-trial and get the newest features and enhancements:

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