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Can I keep a text style and use it for other drawings?

Can I keep a text style and use it for other drawings?

Text styles are saved within drawings, so although we cannot directly save them from the drawing, we can use different ways to extract text styles from drawings.

1.Save your text styles into template files

Create a new drawing and set up your commonly used text styles, dimension styles, layer, etc, and save the drawing as *.dwt template file.

2. Copy & Paste

Copying and pasting the graphics and text to another drawing in the CAD system will automatically add the properties that the target drawing doesn’t have such as layer, text style, dimension style to the target drawing.

So when we copy text from another drawing, the text style will be copied along with the text.

But this method will not work when the drawing has same-name text style.

3. Using Design Center

Open the Design Center by CTRL+2, and find the drawing and text style in Folder List on the left, right click and then select “Add Textstyle(s)”, shown as below,

Please note that using this method, same-name text style will be ignored.

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