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Archives March 2019

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is not a new concept for most of us who work in the CAD industry, it became well-known when topics on BIM (Building Information Modeling) began to prevail in recent years and it has become increasingly important especially for large companies with many projects and complicated drawing files. Collaboration usually involves two or more people working together in a project to accomplish a common goal.

For better productivity or efficiency and less time?

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How to use Mline in CAD?

Mline is not a commonly used command, there are two main reasons for this, one reason is that professional CAD software can be easily used and there seems to be no need to learn Mline; another reason is that there are many restrictions when using Mline, for example, we can only draw line segment with Mline command. Anyway, let’s explore more about Mline in CAD.

Mline is abbreviation for Multiple line, we can draw multiple parallel line with this command.

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Free CAD VS Paid CAD?

One question that I have been frequently asked is should I use free CAD or paid CAD instead of which CAD should I use. So I decided to talk about my opinions about this. I’m not gonna make a long list of all the factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing your CAD. Just a few factors that really matters here.

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Why you should look for AutoCAD alternatives?

AutoCAD’s unrivaled leading position in CAD industry starts to change when it stopped selling permanent licenses. Users pay yearly subscription fee without receiving significant updates, but if they don’t, the software just stops working. In addition to this, there are many other reasons why you should look for AutoCAD alternatives. These reasons have already made many CAD managers rethink the continuation with AutoCAD.

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