Why you should look for AutoCAD alternatives?

Why you should look for AutoCAD alternatives?

AutoCAD’s unrivaled leading position in CAD industry starts to change when it stopped selling permanent licenses. Users pay yearly subscription fee without receiving significant updates, but if they don’t, the software just stops working. In addition to this, there are many other reasons why you should look for AutoCAD alternatives. These reasons have already made many CAD managers rethink the continuation with AutoCAD.

Yes, people should be cautious about change, but if the change is good and will bring long-term benefits, then hesitation is only a waste of time and money.

  1. Flexible licensing

Ever since AutoCAD stopped selling permanent license, there has been increasing interest among CAD managers in seeking AutoCAD alternatives like GstarCAD. AutoCAD alternatives like GstarCAD’s licensing approach is not complicated at all, you buy one, you can use it permanently. GstarCAD offers flexible licensing to meet various needs of our customers and they have the ultimate right to decide when to upgrade, which is a very convenient and cost-effective approach.

2. No learning curve needed

Another reason that has made it possible for CAD managers to look for AutoCAD alternative is that there is no learning curve needed for AutoCAD alternatives. GstarCAD is DWG-compatible, has similar interface and similar commands that will bring our users the same or even better user experience.

3. DWG-compatible

GstarCAD is fully compatible with AutoCAD versions, so there is no need to worry that you’ll lose your important project drawing data. You can read them all with GstarCAD.

4. Lightweight and lower requirement for your computer

GstarCAD is a lightweight platform that saves space on your computer’s disk, memory, and resources using the latest technology. For many professional designers, most of their investment goes to their computers. AutoCAD requires high-standard and customized workstation in order to run smoothly and it takes you some time to wait for the installation process to complete. Unlike AutoCAD, GstarCAD’s installation package is only a fraction of that of AutoCAD and you can easily install and run it on any desktop or laptop available on the market, no need to specially customize or upgrade your computer.

5. Fast opening and Compare Drawing Changes

GstarCAD improves your working efficiency by opening your drawing files faster, even larger drawing files can be opened within only seconds with our memory optimization technology.

Compare Drawing Changes, one of the most popular new features of GstarCAD 2019, allows users to sort out and list the design changes between two drawing versions. These design changes (added/deleted/modified) can be instantaneously located in the drawing by clicking the list items one by one.

6. Useful new features and advanced features

Useful and advanced features such as Collaborative Design, Drawing Version Management, Make Shape, Selection Cycling, Hidden Message Settings, Workspace, Viewport Scale, Movebak, etc have proved to help improve working efficiency and reduce design errors and costs.

7. Affordable price

Nowadays, many companies are working with a tight budget, as a result, the price is another major factor that urges CAD managers to look for AutoCAD alternatives. Please note that GstarCAD’s licensing is not only affordable but also permanent and users are free to upgrade of their own accord. No CAD user would say no to a CAD platform that can perform the same tasks and at lower costs.

Maybe you are still not convinced, why not download and try our free trial to find for yourself? To learn more about GstarCAD and download different versions of GstarCAD, visit

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