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Why there is no preview for my drawing commands?

Why there is no preview for my drawing commands?

User: I have trouble in drawing Polyline, when I start drawing polyline, the polyline preview didn’t show until I specified the next point, how can I get the preview back so that it shows immediately after specifying the start point.

Troubleshooting: DRAGMODE (System Variable)

The DRAGMODE system variable is used to control the preview effect when dragging objects with cursor or drawing.

When we draw line or polyline as we move our cursor, we can see the preview line move with the cursor;

When we draw a circle using center point and radius, we will get a preview effect after specifying the center point for the circle, that is to say, whenever we move our cursor, the radius and the circle preview changes accordingly.

We can also see the preview effect when we Move or Copy objects, the preview also moves with the cursor.

The DRAGMODE system variable value:

On: Some have preview effect while others don’t

Off: all preview effect is gone

Auto: (default value) drawing, editing and moving objects of all kind will have the preview effect

When we turn off this system variable, we can see that there is no preview until the next point is specified, as shown in the following picture,

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