CAD system consists of Single Line Text and Mtext. Let’s start with the very basics of Text.

Text is an important part in CAD drawings, we usually need to add text for technical description or other kinds of description, it’s very easy to get started with Text in CAD, but if you want to be an expert, you will need to know how to deal with the punctuation and special characters.

Single Line Text

With Single Line Text, users can create one or more lines of text, but each line of text is an independent object. It’s very easy to enter or edit text with the Single Line Text and it’s often used in text annotation, Titleblock, Table text.

1.To start the Single Line Text, click the Text button in the command panel or toolbar, or enter DT and then press Enter.

Pay attention to the command line when creating Single Line Text, the Single Line Text command may prompt you to specify the position, text height, rotation angle, etc, and we’ll need to continue according to the prompts.

After executing the command, the following prompt shows:

Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]

We can just ignore the “[Justify/Style]” part and start creating text by specifying the start point of the text.

2. Specify a point as the start point of the text, and then the following prompt shows in the command line

Specify height <2.5000> :

3. Press enter to use the default text height, and then you are prompted to specify the rotation angle of text, as shown in the following:

Specify rotation angle of text <0>:

Normally we don’t need to rotate the text, so we can just press Enter. But if the text does rotate, just enter the angle or select two points to specify the rotation angle.

4. Press Enter and we can see that the cursor moves where we specified the start point of the text, as shown in the following picture.

Now we can start entering the text.

5. Enter text “TEXT” and press Enter key to change line, as shown in the following picture.

6. Enter text “CAD”, and press Enter twice to exit.

Right after we press Enter twice to exit, the text “CAD” we just entered suddenly became very small. That’s because when the text height is short, the CAD system would enlarge the text so we can see it, and when you exit this process, the text height immediately goes back to its original size.

Mtext( multiline text)

If we need to enter more text such as paragraphs or article such as technical description, we’ll need Mtext.

1.To start the Mtext, click Mtext button or enter T and press Enter, as shown in the following picture.

2. Select two points( first corner point and opposite corner point) to specify the area of the text.

3. Enter the text in the area and press Enter to change line. After you have completed your text, just click OK button in the Text Formatting panel to exit, as shown in the following picture.

The above are only the basics of Mtext in CAD, right-click the Text formatting panel and we can see many hidden functions there, as shown in the following picture.

Conclusion: When using the Single Line Text, remember to pay attention to the command line. The Mtext is more like a text document on our computer.

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