Tips for Object Snap in CAD

The Object Snap in CAD can help us draw or locate other graphics based on some characteristic points such as endpoint, midpoint, center of circle and intersection point. Object Snap is the most frequently used drawing tools in CAD and this post will talk about the FAQ and basic tips for Object Snap.

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Tips for COPY command in CAD

There are lots of commands in the Modify bar, you may think that COPY command is one of the most easy-to-use commands, but this may not be the case for some newbies, so the following tutorials are for the newbies as how to better use the COPY command.

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Tips for CAD Stretch command

The Stretch command is a simple and special command: on one hand, it’s as simple and easy-to-operate as the Move command, on the other hand, it has different ways from other commands in selecting objects. Why is that?

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