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Abstract:Offset is a frequently used command which helps us create graphics of the same kind such as concentric circles, parallel lines and so on. This post introduces the basics of Offset command by drawing the section of axle hole.

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What is Byblock and Bylayer in CAD?

Objects in CAD have several basic attributes such as color, linetype, line weight and so on, these attributes control the display effect and printing effect of graphics. So setting attributes of objects properly can make graphics more clear, more importantly, we can get the best printing effect. When setting the color, linetype and line weight of the objects, we can see the two options of Byblock and Bylayer in the list. However, even people with some CAD knowledge could be confused by them, not mention how confusing they can be to CAD newbies.

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How do I customize command shortcuts easily and faster

A faster way to invoke a command is customize its shortcut. The CUSTACC command allows you to customize, delete or modify existing command shortcuts. To access this command go through the menu bar, under tools, select customize and choose Shortcuts Customize. After that, the shortcut customize window will pop up. As you can see, there is a list of shortcuts command that you can easily modify, delete or even make a new one over an existing one.

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