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Tips for COPY command in CAD

Tips for COPY command in CAD

There are lots of commands in the Modify bar, you may think that COPY command is one of the most easy-to-use commands, but this may not be the case for some newbies, so the following tutorials are for the newbies as how to better use the COPY command.

  1. Open your CAD software, draw a rectangle. Click the Copy command in the Modify bar.

Use the shortcut keys CO will also trigger the command.

2. Select the object that you want to copy, it could be line, point and so on. Then press Enter and we can see the cursor has changed to a cross.

3. Click on the screen where you want to copy the object.

4. GstarCAD 2019 allows multiple copies, but if you only need to copy once, just exit.

OK, that’s how we copy objects using CAD and hope you enjoy this post.

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