Sometimes, we need to select all objects or blocks with shared properties in order to delete them or count the number of a certain type of block. GstarCAD provides many ways to select objects in a drawing, among them is the very useful Select Similar Command.

What is SELECTSIMILAR Command?

The SELECTSIMILAR command is used to select objects with shared properties.

After we select an object, you can see the Select Similar in the right-click menu, as shown in the following picture,

The Select Similar command is very useful to select the same type of objects or blocks with the same name. For example, if I want to select all the circles in the drawing, I’ll need to select one circle first, then click the “Select Similar” option in the right-click menu, voila, all circles on the same layer are selected, as shown in the following picture,


We can also use Select Similar to calculate the number of a certain type of blocks or to delete a certain type of blocks, for example, we can select all blocks on the same layer using Select Similar if their name is the same. So if similar objects or blocks are on different layers, then they can’t be selected.

How to configure the Select Similar Command?

Before we configure the Select Similar Command, don’t select any object, just enter Select Similar, then select Set(SE) to pop up the Select Similar Set window, as shown in the following picture,

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