The image file can be inserted into CAD drawings and we can set rotation angle for the image, as shown in the following picture,

Inserting image like this has a problem: when we copy the drawing to others, we will have to attach the image file, otherwise, the image won’t show in the drawing that we send to others. That’s why most of the time CAD users prefer to insert an OLE image since the OLE image is saved in the drawing and there is no need to attach the image again.

But some users complain how their inserted OLE image can’t be rotated, actually, it’s not that the image can’t be rotated, it’s that the position of OLE image has changed but the direction of the image hasn’t changed, as shown in the following picture.

After rotation, the logo is shown in the following picture,

Now we can insert an OLE image and see the difference,

Before rotation,

After rotation,

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