Why I’m unable to edit by double-clicking the text?

Why I’m unable to edit by double-clicking the text?

The other day, one of our users asked a question: There’s something wrong with my CAD software, I can’t edit the text by double-clicking, and I have to click twice to edit the graphics.

I didn’t know what he meant by saying having to click twice to edit. But after he showed the problem to me, I figured out the reason and helped him solve the problem, he had checked the Noun/verb selection option in the Selection set interface of the Options dialog box, which controls whether you select before or after you issue a command, such as Move, Copy commands, the software indicates to select objects again.

By default, CAD supports operations to select objects before executing the command, so many users are accustomed to operating after selecting the graphics that they are going to edit. But this can be changed. You can execute commands first and then select the graphics to be edited. But what I wasn’t aware of is that it can affect the double-click editing. The following are details about this option, so you can know how to solve this kind of problems next time.

Setting the parameter is simple:

  1. Enter OP, press Enter to open the Options dialog box.
  2. Click the Selection set tab, we can see the “Noun/verb selection” option, move the cursor over this option and we can see its description, as shown in the following pictures.

If we are faced with the above problem, just check this option. If you haven’t encountered such problems, you can also uncheck it and close the dialog to see what happens if you double click text, graphics and execute Move and Copy commands.

There is a simpler way, remember the variable PICKFIRST.

Enter PICKFIRST, press Enter, enter 1 to open the dialog, enter 0 to close the dialog.

We seldom change this option ourselves, but how can it be modified? My guess is that it has something to do with plugins or further software development and some function has closed this variable. If you have related experiences to share, please feel free to comment or send a message.

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