How to turn off prompt message and dialog box in CAD?

How to turn off prompt message and dialog box in CAD?

By default, the CAD system display many prompt messages to help users design more efficiently. When you hover the cursor over, you will get the prompt messages. But you can turn them off if you think they are not necessary.

1.Right-click menu

Right-click menu is widely used in settings of layer, Mtext manager, tool palette, etc. Using the right click menu is very convenient. Some users may want to right click to conform and repeat command just like they do with Space key and Backspace key, we can turn off right-click menu or customize the right click options.

Enter OP, press Enter key to open Options dialog box, in the User Preferences tab, we can check the box of “Shortcut menus in drawing area” to turn on/off the right-click menu, we can click “Right-click Customization” to determine in what state the right-click menu pops up, shown as below,

2.Dynamic input

The Dynamic Input can not only display command parameters, but also display length and angle. We can click Dynamic Input in the bottom status bar or press F12 to turn it on/off.

We can customize Dynamic Input in the Drafting Settings, shown as below,

3.Selection Preview

When you move your cursor over objects in CAD, the objects will be highlighted, which is called selection preview. Some users may prefer to turn it off using following methods.

Open Options dialog box, find Selection Set tab and find the Preview section, shown as below,

Click the Visual Effect Settings button and the corresponding dialog box will pop up, that’s where you can make changes to the highlight effect settings.

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