Where can I see the command alias list

When you use GstarCAD, you’ll want to use it optimally right? You can see the command alias list and customize your own shortcuts by accessing edit aliases in ribbon> Manage tab> Customizes Settings panel> Edit Aliases. Or you can access it from menu> Tools> Customize>Edit Program Parameters (gcad.pgp)

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How to create tool palettes from block libraries

If you already have a drawing that you consider as a standard, you may want to use the blocks from that drawing. The easiest way to manage the blocks is using tool palette. So do we need to open the drawings, drag and drop each block to the palette? No way!

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GstarCAD match properties settings

Many users already know that we can match object properties using MATCHPROP (or MA for short key in). This tool is very handy for you who want to change an object’s properties to copy other objects. 

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