2019 is the Year of Pig in the Chinese zodiac, why don’t draw a pig with GstarCAD 2019 to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year?

As long as we find the proper tools, everyone can do this within 30 minutes. Find a paper cut art image online, and use Raster Vectorization tools to transform the image into DXF files, then use Hatch, make it a block and define the visibility of dynamic block.

Find a paper cut art image of a pig online, transform it into a black-and-white photo with Photoshop,(as shown in the following picture) and then transform the image into DXF file.

The DXF file needs to be opened with CAD software, use Hatch and see if the lines are complete. If there are any problems, we’ll need to make some adjustments to the file. After everything has been done, we get a drawing file as shown in the following picture.

Select the object and enter B command to define the object as block.

Double click the block to edit the block.

Some tools about dynamic block editing will pop up, find the visibility and enter the different status of visibility. After all these, move the graphics to the block insertion point to finish.

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