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Hatch is an important command in CAD drawing, with Hatch, we can easily fill an enclosed area

: In mechanical and design industry, we usually need Hatch command to show the interior of some spare parts; In the engineering and design industry, we also need Hatch command to show some special materials or landform.

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Basics about Layer

What we can do with Layer

With Layer, we can organize complex objects or graphics in good order. We can change the color, linetype, lineweight, and some other properties. We can put some objects with similar properties on the same layer, for example, we can put text, dimension on a separate layer. Layer is a useful tool for managing objects effectively.

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Text is an important part in CAD drawings, we usually need to add text for technical description or other kinds of description, it’s very easy to get started with Text in CAD, but if you want to be an expert, you will need to know how to deal with the punctuation and special characters.

CAD system consists of Single Line Text and Mtext. Let’s start with the very basics of Text.

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Abstract:Offset is a frequently used command which helps us create graphics of the same kind such as concentric circles, parallel lines and so on. This post introduces the basics of Offset command by drawing the section of axle hole.

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How to use Object Snap in CAD?

Drawing with coordinates and grids ensures accuracy. But sometimes we’ll need some feature points of given graphics in the drawing. Coordinates of those feature points such as endpoint, midpoint, intersection point are unknown, nor are they on the grid points, then how can we locate those points? Don’t worry, with the Object Snap in CAD, we can easily locate to those feature points, it’s a commonly used drawing tool and therefore it’s very important to know how to set and use this tool, especially for beginners.

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